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Which export formats are supported?

Currently I support exporting as mp4chaps, Reaper CSV or Podlove Simple Chapters. If you need any other format, please let me know.

How can I import marks into my Reaper Project?

For mp4chaps go to Podcast -> Chapter markers -> Import chapter markers from file….

For Reaper CSV marks go to the Region Chapter Manager (this is the place where Reaper shows you a list of all your marks). Now use Right click -> Import regions/markers.

What is the mp4chaps file format?

The mp4chaps file format is a simple text file format to share chapter marks between different applications.


00:00:00.000 Prologue
00:00:19.987 _edit
00:01:50 Episode
00:21:54.530 Ending
00:23:24.453 Preview

It is compatible with Reaper and Auphonic

What is the Reaper chapter marks file format?

Reaper does have its own file format to import and export marks. It is formatted as CSV and supports range marks (which I do not use) and mark coloring. I use the mark coloring to create chapter marks as blue marks and edit marks as red marks when you import the file into Reaper.

If you work with Reaper you should use this file format.


What is the Podlove Simple Chapters file format?

The documentation for the Podlove Simple Chapters file format can be found here. This is a simple example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<psc:chapters version="1.2" xmlns:psc="">
    <psc:chapter start="0" title="Welcome" />
    <psc:chapter start="3:07" title="Introducing Podlove" />
    <psc:chapter start="8:26.250" title="Podlove WordPress Plugin" />
    <psc:chapter start="12:42" title="Resumée" />

I have an audio file in Dropbox. If I use the share sheet there is no option to copy it over to the Chaptr app.

This is a known issue. My app does only accept audio files, but the Dropbox app does not label audio files as audio files when you fire up the share sheet in Dropbox. Please contact Dropbox support if you need to get this fixed.

As a workaround you can open the Chaptr app and use the plus button to add new audio files. Select Dropbox as the document provider and select your audio file.

I still have a question!

Feel free to contact me an we will find a solution for your problem.